I would like to thank each of you for going above and beyond to care for me during my cancer treatment.
My mammogram is now clear and I’m doing well. Thank you for your excellent care!
Can’t thank you all enough for everything you did for my Dad. You will forever be in our hearts.
Great doctors and amazing team of ladies!
Thank you for saving our lives.
All of the staff has been so amazing as I work through this, its the only reason I can do it.
Thank you all for being there morning, noon, and midnight! Awesome 2nd family!
Worst thing to have to go through but the BEST people to help my mom through her journey.
Superb staff and caring, interested doctors combine in partnership with you and your family to defeat cancer. I gave 5 stars because that was the limit. I’d easily give 100!
Dr. Liao is awesome and his team of ladies are great!
We are so thankful the Lord led us to you, and your staff. They have talked to us and explained things with such care and consideration.
Your professionalism, care and attention made visits as pleasant as possible.

Kaitlynne: Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

“In my senior year of high school, a massage therapist noticed bump on my collar bone area. Biopsies of the mass came back positive for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. My mother, who is very knowledgeable of the Puyallup medical community, insisted I meet with Dr. Liao. My Lymphoma turned out to be the most aggressive kind, growing through two lines of chemo. While other doctors, were hesitant on what to do, Dr. Liao applied the newest treatment and brought my cancer into remission.The phone system here is very convenient; having Dr. Liao available to me 24 hours a day has been so helpful since I’ve had to call him a few times in the middle of the night. One of those times, he sent me to the Emergency Room without any wait and saw me 7:00am that morning.Dr. Liao also has a great bedside manner, and gives you inspiration and confidence in him. This is what gives you your will to fight. Partner Oncology is much more personal in their approach than other clinics I’ve been to and if I have an urgent matter, I can come down right away and I get in for an appointment. Everyone here knows you and what your story is and you’re not just another patient. I am currently in remission and back to enjoying life and working at Macy’s as the manager of Elizabeth Arden.”Kaitlynne’s experience was featured on both Q13 Fox News and on Komo News stations

Sumiko: Breast Cancer with Bone, Lung and Lymph Node Metastasis

“In 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. When referred, I got in right away and it was a smooth transition coming from my primary care doctor. After meeting with Dr. Liao I felt he was really careful, very caring, and knowledgeable.I began chemotherapy in May 2011, but after trying this initial treatment I did not like the side effects and felt a change was needed. Dr. Liao quickly adjusted my treatment and I continue this same plan today with great satisfaction. My tumor count has gone down significantly! Although I was initially thought to have a survival of six months, three and a half years later I am going strong.”

Alex: Esophageal Cancer

“I am fan of the human experience, as opposed to having to dial 1 or dial 2 in order to speak to someone on the phone. The transition from checking in to receiving chemotherapy treatment has been seamless and everyone has been consistent and very attentive to my requests. The staff is professional, but also friendly to the point where you really feel cared for. It’s as though I’m coming to hang out with a bunch of friends. I feel like I’ve received the best possible chemotherapy treatment because everything has been custom fit for me.”

Tracy: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

“I wanted to thank Dr. Liao for his generous donation to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team in Training, and for being an awesome doctor throughout my treatment. I could not be a Cancer Survivor without him. I look forward to living the healthiest life possible.”

Julie: Breast Cancer

“The night Dr. Liao stayed late to see me, I knew I had the best doctor. I think Dr. Liao is the smartest, most hardworking doctor. It is an office full of life. I did not know what to expect and I was scared until the staff worked their wonder. I am thankful for Dr. Liao having the best staff; they always have time for us, and make us smile.I know my continued care post-treatment with be excellent, and I thank the Lord for his hand in finding this care. I am entering a new beginning, stronger and more grateful than ever to be moving on after cancer.”

Barbara: Breast Cancer

“I am thankful for Dr. Liao and the staff’s diligence and devotion to my care during chemotherapy. I am thankful that every staff contact I had yielded a smile and a positive, helpful attitude, especially when I was fearful or anxious. I am thankful for the individualized care and for always being made to feel like a loved family member. Nothing else can compare to this kind of care in my entire life. I am thankful for Them. May God bless them and their families.”

Beverly: Breast Cancer

“They a great staff, and Dr. Liao is very caring towards his patients. My surgeon, Dr. King, referred me to Dr. Liao in 2008 after confirmation of a lump I found was breast cancer. While under Dr. Liao’s care, I had to be admitted into the hospital for an unrelated issue and Dr. Liao came by to check on how I was doing. He is truly a great physician and I have been treated very well.”

Janet: Breast Cancer

“After receiving the news that I had breast cancer, I felt so relieved to be seen by Dr. Liao so quickly. I was seen for a consultation prior to even meeting with a surgeon! It was wonderful to have this overwhelming experience move along so quickly and smoothly. After receiving such excellent care, I feel other offices should run as efficiently as this one. You’ve come to a wonderful place for your treatment here!”

Curtis: Head & Neck Cancer

“Dr. Liao was responsive, perceptive, and explained my course of treatment in a way that is easily understood. I discovered in 2005 I had cancer after my ear, nose, & throat physician found a lump to be malignant. Because there is so much mystery in cancer, I appreciate that Dr. Liao didn’t make promises; he was honest and frank, but willing to do anything he could to help me. The staff is also very friendly and warm.”

Mickey: Prostate Cancer

“After hearing the shocking news that I had prostate cancer, I felt anger and continued to feel angry for quite a while about my diagnosis. Through Dr. Liao and his treatment, I gained the ability to feel that I could finally continue on normally with my life. Dr. Liao and his staff are so personable and it’s very nice that we as patients are able to converse with them.”

Jackie: Ovarian Cancer

“While having a hernia repaired, my surgeon noticed something suspicious and tests revealed it to be stage 3 ovarian cancer. If there is something I don’t understand, Dr. Liao will explain it differently so I do. He is very personable and is serious when need be, but will also joke with you. I am truly a partner and after receiving treatment I can easily say that the staff is what makes the clinic.”

Joanne: Ovarian Cancer

“In the summer of 2012, I was set to begin an aggressive treatment to fight my ovarian cancer. My primary care physician advised me that this type of treatment was so severe it could kill me, and recommended that I consult with Dr. Liao on his opinion. Dr. Liao and the nurse practitioner dissolved my fears and relieved any apprehension, which gave me some much needed optimism. The staff is there to carry you when you cannot carry yourself, mentally and physically. They give such strength to the point it allows you to draw from it. I feel that other providers should take a page out of Dr. Liao’s book. He shares what he has learned and gives you options to think over.”

Leland: Pancreatic Cancer

“I am currently on a chemotherapy regimen to fight the progression of my pancreatic Cancer. One thing that amazed us from the start is when Dr. Liao handed us his cell phone number and told us, ‘If you need me, call me.’ If I had to try and think of a complaint I don’t know what it would be, period. Everyone makes you feel good when you come here. It isn’t a place you prefer to be, but (the staff) makes it a fun place to be.”

Ron: Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

“Coming from an oncology office in Maryland, my wife and I were able to compare the two experiences of my care and treatment and I really like the personalization here. It’s always very easy to get in for appointments and extremely quick. Comparing offices, there is much more concern for my personal care here, and knowing that we could call Dr. Liao 24 hours a day is a good feeling to have.I recently asked Dr. Liao if he could compose a letter to speed up the visa process for our daughter to return home from New Zealand. The letter was done right away and has helped out tremendously. We are very excited for our daughter to arrive and have her support in fighting cancer together, as a family.”

Rosann: Pancreatic Islet Tumor

“I first came, not as a patient but as support for my husband, Frank, who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Once in need of an oncologist of my own to oversee a pancreatic islet tumor, I called and scheduled an appointment to meet with Dr. Liao. The phone system is excellent! You actually get a live person. For my consultation, I was seen right away; I had this trust in Dr. Liao right from the beginning.
Seeing much improvement after treatment, I was thrilled. I am not just a number and every person is an individual…and is treated that way. The entire staff is wonderful and just draws you in. They are so kind and became family.”

Charlie: Rectal Cancer

“I used to be afraid of seeing doctors but after my experience here, I now have so much confidence in them and their knowledge. If there’s ever something wrong, you want to talk to somebody right away and I love that a live person always answers the phone lines. The staff is like family so when my treatment ended, I really missed everyone. Dr. Liao helped me get to a better place; after being diagnosed with rectal cancer, I didn’t think I had a chance and he assured me that I did. This changed my outlook that it wasn’t over for me.”

Stephanie: Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

“It was a very easy process to get in to see Dr. Liao, and all appointments have always been easy to make. I was touched in my first few visits by how warm the staff was to everyone. Being greeted by name and having the staff recognize who I was even before I knew them, was really nice.
My father is currently being treated for bone cancer in California and communicating with his oncologist’s office has given me insight into the contrast between different oncology offices. Dr. Liao gave me his cell phone number, and when I call he answers his phone ‘Hi, Stephanie.’ I couldn’t even get my father’s oncologist on the phone to speak with me, and I am his next of kin! Dr. Liao also does a really good job of making sure I understand my treatment plan and my treatment has always been very seamless. He allows me to have a say in my own care.”

Troy: Prostate Cancer

“I was originally given an estimate of 3-6 months to live after my diagnoses of recurrent gastric cancer, and that was over nine years ago. Dr. Liao treated me with a chemotherapy regimen that is uniquely given by him for this disease. I have been disease-free ever since. Throughout my time at his office I’ve never had any trouble getting in for appointments and have zero complaints. I love the staff; they’ve been very good to me and always friendly. Between Dr. Liao and the Lord, they saved my life. Dr. Liao is the best in his field.”