Care Management

The journey you are about to begin can be confusing and difficult. Your Care Management team will be invaluable in helping you successfully navigate the treatment process. Your team will consist of your physician, care manager, nurse and other experts, as needed. Many insurance companies, including Medicare, recognize the importance of care management and are now making it a part of the required services.

To begin, you will be assigned a care manager, who will help you prepare for what lies ahead. Your care manager is a highly skilled registered nurse who will work closely with your physician and other members of your team to make certain you receive the support and services you require. Your personal care manager will be with you through the entire treatment process and beyond.

The goal of care management is to help you manage your physical, psychosocial, and emotional needs, and act as your primary contact. Care management performs many functions, including providing education regarding the problems or side effects commonly experienced throughout treatment while under your physician’s care. Your care manager will assist you with creating and understanding your personalized plan of care and help facilitate communication between your oncologist and other providers.

Meet Your Oncology Dietitian

Susan Young, RD, CSO, LDN

Susie earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Northern Colorado. She is credentialed as a specialist in oncology nutrition and has worked with patients at Durango Cancer Center and Southwest Oncology.

Susie offers evidence-based recommendations to reduce the severity of side effects and works with patients to set realistic nutrition goals. She strives to help patients participate in life activities during treatment and beyond. Susie firmly believes the time to begin eating well is today, no matter where a patient is on their journey.

Nutrition is an integral part of the treatment and recovery plan for our patients, visits with the dietitian are conducted via video conference and are free of charge to Panacea Oncology patients.